Your request for a pickup has been received Please allow up to 48 hours for a pickup date

While you wait, take a moment and review some common issues to take care of before we get there. 

Does it Start?

Never assume because it ran when you put it away that it will start now. Try starting your mower before we arrive. Wont Start? when you get your welcome text just respond and let us know. 

Flat Tires?

Sudden temperature changes all winter/summer can cause air to leak and tires to go flat. Let us know so we can bring some air to fill them up. Don’t worry, its only flat on one side. 

What is Accessible

Accessible means the driver can back the truck and trailer up to the mower. He does not mind getting it out of a shed or from a remote spot if it runs and drives. But if it wont move on its own he has to be able to get the trailer to it. 

Is it Clean?

We will rinse your tractor before it comes back to you, but if has the last 10 years of lawn and doggie mines collected on top of the deck, you might want to take a hose to it before we get there. If its in the mechanics way he will charge for cleaning. 

How it works The process is pretty simple


Equipment is reviewed in the order it is received. Once we have your mower it will take 1-3 weeks depending on the load before we review the equipment. 


Once its your turn a mechanic or mechanics assistant will review your equipment. They will look at your notes and the actual equipment and decide how best to proceed. 

Order Parts / Repair

If we have all the parts needed in stock the mechanic will fix your equipment. If we need to order parts the mechanic will do any work he can and set the equipment aside to wait for parts. 

Payment and Delivery

Once all the parts arrive and the equipment is repaired the mechanic will notify you by e-mail and SMS. You can review the invoice which includes all the mechanics notes. Once you have made a payment the invoice is given to the driver for delivery on the next delivery day.